Good Friday Service


     Worship area with a cross.  Cover altar area with black cloth.  Have a black cloth large enough to cover cross.  Have fifteen (15) candles.  Set a single white candle in front of the cross, unlit.  Place the other fourteen candles in luminaries which are set, one half (7) on each side of the altar.  (Bare candles may be used in place of luminaries.)  Have a candle extinguisher.  If using luminaries, it must be one that will reach down into the luminaries.  The 14 luminaries, or candles, are lit before the service starts.  Have matches available to light 15th candle later.

       This service, designed for children, ends with resurrection, not death. It may be used before Good Friday, as part of an ongoing class, group or activity.  When using this service on Good Friday with teens or adults, you may wish to end the service after the 14th candle is extinguished.

       If the crucifixion story has been presented previous to this service, you may choose to omit the scripture readings from the children’s service. 

       Scripture readings may be read altogether in the beginning of the service or separately as designated.

       When this service is used with children, do not completely darken the room.  Retain a low level of light coming from behind the children as they face the altar.


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